Tasman Glacier Heli Hike & Tasman Glacier Ice Trek- by Alpine Guides

New product (2019):

Tasman Glacier Icetrek - full day private trip

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Tasman Glacier Heli Hike - by Alpine Guides


Alpine Guides is NZ’s longest established guiding company, based at Aoraki Mt Cook since 1966.

the Tasman Glacier Heli Hike is a joint venture with The Helicopter Line'


The Tasman Glacier Helihike takes place on the Tasman Glacier, the longest glacier in NZ. Go where no one else goes....


The total trip time is around 3 hours and guests spend 1.5 to 2 hours on the ice, exploring the glacier.


The activity is suitable for people of average fitness.


• The area is wide-open and panoramic, with no risk of falling debris

• The Tasman Glacier is gently-angled, not steep like the Fox or Franz Josef Glaciers

• The evelation is 1,200 – higher than at Franz Josef or Fox Glacier

• Views of Aoraki Mount Cook and Mount Tasman are unsurpassed

• The helihike is suitable for most fitness levels

An adventure into the realm of the mountaineer!


With your professional alpine guide, you will fly high on to the “white ice” of NZ’s longest glacier– the mighty Tasman, and explore one of New Zealand’s natural wonders.


We meet our guests at Mt Cook Airport and provide a safety brief and fit your equipment, before an exciting helicopter flight into the mountains.


You land at 1,200 metres and spend up to 2 hours on the ice, on a guided interprative walk on the “white ice". This is an amazing landscape of fluted ice, runnels, moulins, and sinuous winding streamlets.


You will trek on gentle undulating terrain, below the highest peaks of the Southern Alps (Aoraki, Tasman). The snow-clad peaks tower above huge ice-falls that bulldoze and grind down the mountain sides.


The helicopter flies you back after approximately 1.5 - 2 hours on the ice.


Now open year-round!

Mt Cook Helihike is weather dependendent


What to bring:

• Small Backpack (for personal drinks and snacks)

• Wind/waterproof jacket

• Sun block and lip cream (UV is intense in the mountains)

• Gloves

• Sunglasses

• Warm hat for cool weather, sun hat/baseball cap for warm weather


Maximum guide/guest ratio = 1:11

Maximum possible number per time slot = 22 guests

New product (2019): Tasman Glacier Ice Trek - full day private trip

If you want more adventure than a 2 hour heli-hike, plus the benefits of a private guiding experience, choose Alpine Guide’s Tasman Glacier Ice Trek. The trek combines the thrill of helicopter rides, plus a true exploratory journey on the ice of the mighty Tasman Glacier.


You will fly to a high landing spot, approximately 1,400 metres above sea level. With your personal glacier guide, you will traverse the incredible glacial landscape while moving through the regular Tasman Glacier Heli Hike terrain and on into the more “adventurous” zones.


A typical Ice Trek hike covers up to 5 kilometres distance, with many diversions. Explore fascinating ice features. Squeeze through winding canyons. Peer into moulins and caves - and the many surprises the ice delivers! 


You are on a private helihike, so there is no pressure to go faster (or slower) by people you don't know. The trip is 100% tailored to your needs, as to how challenging or relaxed you want it to be. The glacier changes constantly through the season, so no two trips are the same.


Adventurous people can try an introduction to ice climbing. Please let us know if you are interested when booking


The Tasman Glacier Ice Trek includes:

  • A private Helihike with groups up to 5 people
  • Exclusive use of guide
  • Guests spend up to 5 hours exploring the glacier
  • Allow up to 8 hours for the trip (full day)
  • Picnic lunch on the ice is provided
  • Suitable for people with good hiking fitness – this is a step up from the Heli hike – but can be tailored to suit the party
  • Hike elevation is about 1,400 m (Franz /Fox Glacier = 800m)
  • Views of Aoraki Mount Cook are unsurpassed
  • 2 Helicopter flights - a total flying time approx. 22 minutes
  • Tasman Glacier - the longest and largest glacier in NZ (1/3 of NZ’s ice is there)
  • Alpine Guides is NZ’s longest established mountain guiding company - based at Aoraki Mt Cook since 1966

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