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Marijke Dunselman
Marijke Dunselman

The Smartourism Marketing Group was set up in 2005 with the aim to professionally coordinate marketing activities for high quality tourism operators resulting in more effective use of marketing resources and achieve a higher turnover through broadening distribution through inbound operators and wholesalers.

Smartourism is a way to get in front of your customers before they come to NZ as that’s when they do their research of where to go and what to do. Around 30% of all visitors book their holiday through inbound operators and wholesalers.

Who can join Smartourism?

A selected number of tourism operators are invited to join the group. These operators all have a quality tourism product, want to market their products internationally and are committed to delivering an excellent experience to their customers.

We know the operators in the group and personally endorse their products to inbound operators and wholesalers.


Marijke Dunselman manages Smartourism. She has over 24 years' experience in the New Zealand tourism industry, managed a Regional Tourism Organisation and is a respected marketing consultant and trainer. She has worked with hundreds of tourism businesses over the last 21 years and has also attended TRENZ 18 times.

For more information on her company, visit www.strategiesmarketing.co.nz and www.smartraining.co.nz.


References from inbound tour operators

Annette Nicholls - General Manager Product  - ATS Pacific NZ
As a large New Zealand Inbound Tour Operator, we find a range of benefits working with suppliers that belong to a marketing collective, such as Smartourism.
We enjoy working alongside Marijke Dunselman, who understands the tourism industry, the agents we work with and the distribution system involved.
Being a part of a group marketed by a representative like Marijke immediately gives us confidence in the product and that it will be suitable for the inbound market.
Regular product updates and personal appointments, covering a collection of suppliers, provides for the most efficient use of our time and we benefit greatly from the additional resource Marijke provides in securing  detailed information, seasonal rates and new products. 

Rebecca Gill - Key Account Manager - IDNZ (inbound operator)
Marijke has been instrumental in keeping us informed with what is going on in key regions of the South Island.
We can trust that when she comes to us with a new product that it has been vetted and is ready for us to use immediately in the international market.
If one of her suppliers does not know us she is always on hand to make introductions.
Marijke has been particularly helpful in offering suggestions for an upcoming famil of the South Island.

Steven Pleciak, Owner Beyond The Blue (inbound operator)
Smartourism is a key partner and source of trade ready tourism operators that we, as an IBO, can use for our business to provide offshore clients with local New Zealand experiences as part of their travels through the country. Marijke exudes a high degree of professionalism and consistently follows up with each operator where business connections offer a good fit, assisting with first hand experiences and further facilitating these relationships. I highly recommend her company and welcome her ongoing support.

Nienke Jansen - Director - Imagine NZ Travel (inbound operator)
I have worked with Smartourism for nearly ten years. In my previous role as Product Manager for one of the largest inbound tour operators, and currently in my role as director of Imagine NZ Travel, a boutique inbound tour operator, Marijke introduced me to some great new South Island tourism businesses. I know that the operators represented by Smartourism are passionate about their business and committed to delivering an excellent experience and therefor I’m confident in promoting and offering them to my wholesale clients. I would recommend Smartourism to any tourism business who need assistance with their marketing and get a better understanding of and an introduction to working with the trade and the international market.