New: Wellderness - Central Otago

Discover the transformative power of nature with Wellderness.

Our one-of-a-kind experiences seamlessly blend adventure, wellbeing, and personal growth. We understand the challenges of modern life and extend an invitation for you to rejuvenate, reconnect and replenish your soul amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand's wilderness. 


With 20 years’ experience teaching & guiding in the adventure tourism industry, a Masters and Postgraduate Diploma in Wellbeing, your lead guide Steve has the expertise and experience to create an unforgettable and fulfilling retreat. 


2-Day Adventure Wellness Retreat

Overnight private ‘adventure wellness’ retreat. 

This product uniquely combines adventure with wellness.  Experience the beauty of Mt Aspiring National park through a raft or kayak* journey on a scenic river with some small fun rapids and a short hike in the National Park. Throughout the 2 days you will be guided through tools and strategies focused on enhancing your overall well-being.  You will experience practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, cold water immersion, tai chi and grounding.  The nights accommodation keeps with the adventure wellness theme with high comfort Tipi/Yurt style rooms.  All meals are provided and dinner is prepared by our local chef who discusses health cooking techniques. No experience necessary.

* dependent on river flows


  • A raft or Inflatable kayak river trip on day one including lunch 
  • Stay in High Comfort Tipi / Yurt or Dome accommodation 
  • Eat (and learn) chef-cooked healthy dinner 
  • Learn & experience scientifically proven wellness techniques 
  • Day 2: a short Hike in Mount Aspiring National Park to achieve a stunning panorama 
  • Pick up drop off from Queenstown / Wanaka accommodation or ZQN 
  • All gear, 2x Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast & Beverages provided 
  • Fully qualified and experienced local guides


3-Day Adventure Wellness Retreat

Our three-day active wellness retreat is the perfect way to explore the beauty of Mt Aspiring National Park  and recharge your body, mind and soul. 

We combine achievable outdoor adventures (Raft, Kayak, Hike), with the latest in science-backed wellness and relaxation techniques to give you the ultimate experience. Incorporating wellness tools such as mindfulness, tai chi, meditation, cold plunge, grounding, and breath work, you'll find yourself feeling healthier, energised and more connected than ever before.  Our three-day retreat is the perfect digital detox and rejuvenation for your body and mind. You'll come back feeling refreshed, renewed and reconnected.  


  • Explore Mount Aspiring National Park by raft, kayak and foot
  • Stay in private, high comfort Yurt / Tipi / Domes
  • Learn and experience scientifically proven wellness tools and strategies
  • Learn delicious healthy meals from our local chef
  • All food and beverages included, 2x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x evening meal
  • Pick up from accommodation in Queenstown, Wanaka or ZQN 
  • Experienced and qualified local guides with you throughout the retreat
  • Guest inspirational speaker 


Contact Details:



Steve Hodkinson 

Ph: +64 2102260710

16 Pioneer Court, Cromwell, Central Otago

New Zealand